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Product Does Work!!!

This product does work if you eat balanced meals. However, please be very careful that you are taking a multi-vitamin especially because of hair loss. This product can also contribute greatly to irritability. ~ liz

Great Product

I hate forking out $100 every month, but this product is unbelievable and i don't think i can go without it. when i started using it i had problems with my knees - no longer. i sleep great... OH, and in 2 months of using this product i gained 25 lbs of muscle - was 190 and am now 215. very effective for this 24 year old dude ~ Mike Young

The Official Super Powder

Began using this preworkout a few weeks ago. I felt really itchy on my first use, looked and saw the beta-alanine and niacin, which I like. I don't know how they did it, but this product helps my endurance like crazy. I was putting 315 up 4 times the week before I started this - the FIRST week I was using this, I put it up 7 times. no joke. I am willing to pay for quick results like these. mixes like sh** though. ~ John

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