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I have tried this once before a couple of years ago. It works great! It definitely delivers what it promises. I have been searching for this product but it is hard to find. I am so excited to be able to add this supplement to my new diet and exercise plan. ~ ayse

Product Does Work!!!

This product does work if you eat balanced meals. However, please be very careful that you are taking a multi-vitamin especially because of hair loss. This product can also contribute greatly to irritability. ~ liz

Love It, Don't Ever Wa...

I don't really like taking 4 SeroVital every day, BUT I do because it is working. 2 years ago I had my lips injected and had botox for the first time. I was 40. My family naturally has the smoker lines on our upper lip and I was not liking the wrinkles on my face. I looked weird and never did it again. I found out about SeroVital in the summer of last year. Now 41, I was seeing grey hairs, too! So, this is what I have noticed and not right away. I think I am in my 6-7th month of using and I have been religious about following the directions. This is what I personally have found SeroVital to do for me:...I haven't found one gray hair in the last 2 months, it doesn't take me 15-20 min to be "ready" to have sex anymore, my body is more trim and the lines on my lips have either lessened or just stopped getting worse. I LOVE SeroVital and I'm so happy I have stuck with it. I just got the day and night face creams, too, but I have only had them a month so I don't have a review yet. Try it, but stay with it and follow the directions. ~ Reese Roy

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